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Our Story

Who We Are  

Club Refined is a collection of beauty and wellness products designed to redefine modern self-care.
We believe self-care should not be a hassle, expensive, or time consuming, it is rather about inclusiveness and accessibility. On top of that, we aim to build a safe and welcoming community in beauty—and beyond—that supports well-being. Always remember your well-being is paramount to your overall happiness and quality of life.

Our Mission  

We strive to be a catalyst for modern women to feel good about themselves.

Our Products  

We approached creating Club Refined with a ‘no compromise’ mission, because we believe you deserve the best and nothing less. That being said, our products contain no harsh ingredients, cruelty-free, and are created with high-quality formulation fit for your lifestyle.

Note From Our Founder  

We want you to understand that maintaining a self-care practice is not an act of selfishness. Ultimately it is about empowering yourself, finding purposes, reminding yourself that you are worthy, most importantly, it is an act of improving our ability to care for others.